Millions of people are touched when a dog, who has been in a shelter for 270 days, finally receives the attention it deserves and leaps with pleasure.

Dogs are derived from wolves and live in groups. Even if dogs have been domesticated, they still need a pack, even if it is in the form of a human family. That’s why when you adopt a dog, it’s always exciting.

   Finally the dog has found his pack! It is very comforting to have dogs adopted from the shelter. It’s even more exciting when a dog has spent a long period in a shelter before being adopted.

Paco is an American Staffordshire Terrier who has been in this shelter for 270 days. Nobody wanted him since he was an adult dog and was a Pitbull breed.

Nobody until this couple.

Paco had been waiting for 270 days for someone to take him home. His eternal family arrived that day.

Paco couldn’t stop jumping when his new father came to pick him up. Paco at first had no idea what was happening. He had just noticed the shelter employees and his new father approaching his house.

He didn’t realize he was headed to his forever home until his new father grabbed him across the rails.

He couldn’t control his enthusiasm. The day I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! They tried to convince him to stay still for a moment, but who can blame him? He was about to move in with his forever family!

You will no longer be alone. Paco will live with a family that he has committed to loving him every day for the rest of his life.

It is quite difficult to be a pitbull or pitbull breed living in a shelter. There are so many myths and misconceptions about the breed that it is almost difficult for them to be adopted.

However, humans who understand and appreciate Pitbull breeds seek out this breed of dog to provide them with a long-lasting home. Paco is an example of this.

Paco’s new life began when he and his new family left the shelter. And since then they have done nothing but love and care for him, even during the stressful and worrying days.

Many people assume that when an animal is adopted into its forever family, everything is perfect.

There are many things that social networks do not reveal. There is an adaptation phase during which the animal adapts to its new home. There are days when the animal gets sick.

And there are days when they completely destroy their family home. But their new family chooses to love and care for them through good times and hard times.

Do you want to see how Paco reacted when his father visited him on the day of his adoption? Watch the video below.

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