NASA is about to announce official research on UFOs

On September 14, the US Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) plans to announce findings in a study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that have appeared in Earth’s sky.

Photo captions
An unidentified flying object was discovered in 2015. Photo: US Department of Defense

According to news agency AFP, last year, NASA said it was reviewing evidence related to unidentified anomalous phenomena, or UAPs – a term that replaces the commonly called UFO phrase.

For a long time, this topic has always attracted public attention but has been denied by mainstream science.

In a meeting in May, an independent NASA working group of 16 researchers shared their preliminary observations, finding that existing data and eyewitness accounts were insufficient to draw conclusions. solid argument on UAP, while calling for more systematic collection of high-quality data.

Although NASA’s upcoming research is unlikely to change the above conclusion, it is expected to open the beginning of a new mission for this agency.

During the May meeting, the report’s authors said there had been more than 800 recorded events over 27 years, of which 2-5% were believed to be possible appearances of unusual phenomena or objects. Research team member Nadia Drake said these unusual phenomena are defined as “anything that cannot be understood by the operator or sensor system” or “a phenomenon, something that acts strangely.” ”.

In the past few years, the US government has begun to take UAP issues more seriously, partly due to concerns that they are linked to foreign surveillance activities.

In addition to NASA, the Pentagon is also directed to conduct research on UAP. Although the work of the two units is separate, the two are still coordinating on issues such as applying scientific tools and methods.

In July, former US intelligence officer David Grusch caused a stir when he told a congressional committee that he fully believed the government was in possession of unidentified anomalous objects, as well as human remains. of aliens.

“My testimony is based on information provided by reliable individuals. Many of them shared convincing evidence in the form of photos, official documents and confidential statements,” the former officer shared.

Earlier this week, the bodies believed to be those of two “non-human” creatures were presented at a congressional hearing in Mexico, creating much surprise, skepticism and even satire on social media. festival.

The two purportedly mummified remains, gray in color and human-like in body shape, were brought in by Jaime Maussan, a controversial Mexican journalist and researcher, after they were found in Peru in 2017. .

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