Neglected for Seven Years: Dog with Massive Paw Tumor Finally Receives Rescue Aid, Overwhelmed by Long-Awaited Relief

On September 22, a dog named Jordan caught the attention of GWARP, an animal rescue organization. Jordan was an elderly dog ​​who was chained and deprived of food and water, despite being very sick. GWARP had seen many cases of animal abandonment, but this was one of the worst they had come across.

Jordan appeared to have bone cancer, a painful and debilitating condition. She had never received any treatment and had been living on a short chain, surviving on scraps and garbage. Due to malnutrition and lack of care, she had also developed osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer.

and significant damage to Jordan’s bones, likely from being brutally beaten by his drunken owner. For years, he had been kept tied up and hidden in the backyard, unable to move more than a few meters due to the short metal chain.

When the GWARP rescue team requested to save Jordan, the owner initially refused, claiming that they could not take “his property.” The team had to involve the local police to intervene. Finally, after providing the owner with the necessary documentation and explaining the dog’s terrible condition, he changed his mind.

X-rays revealed the extent of Jordan’s osteosarcoma, but fortunately there were no metastases to his lungs, giving him little chance of survival. However, the tumor grew rapidly and caused the skin to tear.

Jordan received a relaxing bath to wash away his painful past and the negative energy of his previous owner. The hope was to begin his journey toward healing and a better life.

Unfortunately, Jordan was unable to receive the necessary medical care in Azerbaijan, where he was rescued. He needed to be transported to Türkiye for further treatment. After a few days, he arrived in Istanbul and underwent sedation and full body x-rays before surgery.

Jordan’s amputation surgery was successful and the limb affected by the tumor was removed. Everything went well and she began to quickly adapt to her new life. She regained her appetite and began to enjoy the food provided by her caregivers.

It’s been three days since Jordan’s surgery and he’s already adjusting well to his new circumstances. He learns quickly, accepts his new life and regains his appetite. With the right care and love, Jordan has a chance for a better future.

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