Pentagon official: UFO is an alien probe

Authors from the Pentagon and Harvard University (USA) suggest that alien ‘probes’ could visit Earth from a nearby ‘mother ship’.

Pentagon official: UFO is an alien probe - Photo 1.

According to Politico , it is unusual for government officials to discuss the possibility of extraterrestrial life, especially when they are involved in intelligence gathering efforts about sightings  . recent unidentified Flying object.

Alien probe?

Previously, Mr. Sean Kirkpatrick, head of the Pentagon ‘s All-Region Anomalous Office , and Harvard University professor Avi Loeb wrote: “Objects – which seem to defy the laws of physics – have could be a ‘probe’ from an alien ‘mother ship'”.

Their 5-page research paper became famous in the scientific community when it was published in the US military’s Military Times newspaper.

Experts said Mr. Kirkpatrick’s participation in the above academic article proves that the Pentagon is open to scientific debate about the origin of UFOs.

The article explains that an interstellar object like “Oumuamua” (a cigar-shaped object discovered by scientists flying through the galaxy in 2017) “is likely a mothership launching multiple probes . small probe during the process of moving close to Earth.

Pentagon official: UFO is an alien probe - Photo 2.

Image of an object believed to be a UFO taken by the US Navy – Photo: TELEGRAPH

The researchers note that “probes” could use starlight to “recharge their batteries” and obtain Earth’s water for fuel. They also speculate about the motives for aliens sending probes to Earth.

“What is their purpose? Find raw materials on the Earth’s surface or simply make scientific discoveries,” the authors write.

However, the authors admit they do not know for sure whether any  probes  are operating near Earth.

Controversial science

However, the research also encountered many objections in the scientific community.

“It seems like the Department of Defense is supporting some really wild ideas that up to now, it is still considered unfounded.”

Meanwhile, David Jewitt, a professor of astronomy at the University of California Los Angeles, said some of the claims in the article were “very doubtful”.

However, others argue that the US Department of Defense should explore all possibilities, no matter how remote they may seem.

In a statement, senator Kirsten Gillibrand noted that both co-authors are highly respected in their fields: Kirkpatrick is an expert in “scientific and technical intelligence,” while Loeb is an author of hundreds of scientific articles on astrophysics and cosmology. Therefore she “believes in the scientific rigor of their work”.

“The stigma surrounding discussion of this topic may prevent the military from better understanding the potential threats to our airspace, or the risks posed by our adversaries,” she said. Gillibrand emphasized.

The US Department of Defense did not respond to requests for comment on the article.

In 2022, the US Congress established the AARO group at the Pentagon to replace the Naval Intelligence Agency’s UFO search task force .

AARO serves as the focal point for the government-wide investigation into hundreds of reports of UFO “phenomena.”

Mr. Kirkpatrick is a respected science and intelligence expert, with more than two decades of physics research and work in defense intelligence. He is also a member of the President’s Council of Science and Technology Advisors at the White House.

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