People captured the image of a mysterious chupacabra-like creature appearing on a deserted desert road in Puerto Rico (VIDEO)

In the West, the blood-sucking monster chupacabra is like a legend that always scares people. However, not once has this mysterious creature been scientifically confirmed to be real. However, a month ago, people captured the image of a mysterious chupacabra-like creature appearing on a deserted desert road in Puerto Rico.

The clip captures the moment a strange creature resembling  chupacabra appears in  Puerto Rico.

Strange creature believed to be chupacabra in Puerto Rico.

The strange creature appearing in the clip has a human-like shape but has disproportionately long arms and a skin color that blends with the color of the desert soil. At first, the creature shuffled very slowly along the path, but soon it disappeared behind a large bush.

To prove what he just witnessed, the cameraman recorded images of the parking lot and surrounding houses. However, when the camera panned back to the strange creature, it was gone.

After appearing online, this incident has attracted the attention of many social network members. While most believe that it is the legendary chupacabra monster in South America, some skeptics consider it to be a shoddy clip that has been edited to confuse people. people only.

The whole scene of the incident.

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