Purr-fectly Adorable: The Story of a Rescued Feline with a Surprised Look That Took the Internet by Storm

A viral sensation has been created by an endearing cat with a facial condition that gives him a permanent startled look. Natalia Zhdanova discovered Fedya, a weak and ill stray cat, abandoned in her rear garden in Rostov, Russia, almost two years ago when he was just a few days old. With misaligned eyes and wonky back legs, Natalia chose to take in the orphaned feline and nurse him back to health, often with the assistance of her neighbour’s cat, Handsome. Handsome frequently visits the poorly kitten, becoming a father figure to him and appearing with him on his Instagram page. The page has attracted over 4,000 followers since its launch.

Adorable cat Fedya with a facial condition which makes him appear permanently-startled has taken the internet by storm. Pictured, Fedya as a kitten after being taken in by his owner

The internet has been captivated by the charming cat, Fedya, who has a unique facial condition that gives him a perpetually startled expression. This lovable feline was rescued by his owner as a kitten.

Natalia Zhdanova, 40, from Rostov, Russia, found weak and sickly stray cat Fedya abandoned in her back garden when he was a few days old. Pictured, Natalia and Fedya at home

Natalia Zhdanova, a 40-year-old resident of Rostov, Russia, stumbled upon a feeble and sickly stray cat named Fedya in her backyard when he was just a few days old. Natalia suspects that the reason for Fedya’s unusual appearance may be due to a genetic condition or being dropped by his mother as a kitten while climbing fences. Fedya was near death when Natalia found him, but with her help and care, he has become a healthy and happy cat. Natalia, who writes educational books for children, has become a surrogate mother to Fedya and takes great pleasure in caring for him. The exact cause of Fedya’s unique appearance remains unknown.

Natalia decided to take in the orphaned animal, gradually nursing him back to health with the help of her neighbour's cat, Handsome. Fedya is pictured with Handsome

Natalia made the compassionate decision to care for a little orphaned creature that had nobody else. She carefully nursed it back to full health with the assistance of a friendly cat named Handsome, who belonged to her neighbor. The photo shows Fedya alongside his new friend Handsome.

Natalia says the cat was 'very weak and was dying' before she nursed him back to health as a kitten

Feyda at home after being nursed back to health

According to Natalia, the feline was extremely frail and on the brink of death before she took care of him and helped him recuperate as a young cat. On the left, Feyda is seen as a kitten after being rescued. On the right, he appears healthy and well once again.

The reason for Fedya's unusual appearance is still unclear, but Natalia suspects that it's the result of a genetic condition or being dropped by his mother as a kitten while climbing over fences

Natalia is still unsure about the cause of Fedya’s distinctive appearance, but she thinks it may be due to a genetic disorder or an accident that happened when he was a kitten, perhaps while climbing over fences and getting dropped by his mother. Despite this, Natalia reports that Fedya has since become much healthier. He is an affectionate, playful, and intelligent cat who loves to purr loudly. Now at one year and nine months old, Fedya has grown into a thriving adult cat who remains close friends with the neighbor’s feline, Handsome. According to Natalia, these two cats are inseparable and share a strong bond.

Fedya is now a healthy adult at one year and nine months and can be seen venturing outside and playing on Natalia's Instagram

Fedya, who is now a sprightly young adult of 21 months, can be spotted exploring the great outdoors and enjoying playful moments in Natalia’s Instagram feed. It’s delightful to see him thriving and in the pink of health.

Natalia posts pictures of Fedya's wonky expression on his Instagram page

She's happily surprised by the reaction his facial condition has had online

Natalia has recently created an Instagram page where she shares pictures of Fedya’s quirky facial expressions. Surprisingly, the page has already gained more than 4,000 followers in just a short span of time.

Natalia says she's been pleasantly surprised by the reaction her cat has had online, and says she values her pet's 'kindness and spontaneity' the most. Fedya is pictured at home

According to Natalia, her cat’s unexpected popularity on the internet has brought her much joy, and she admires her pet for its natural kindness and spontaneity. Fedya can be seen in the comfort of his home, where he is a beloved member of the family. In an interview with Bored Panda, Natalia expressed her surprise at the attention her furry friend has garnered, stating that they never expected him to become such a hit. Despite his unique appearance, Natalia views Fedya as a simple and ordinary cat who has won the hearts of many. She finds it heartwarming to see so many people appreciate him and finds it encouraging to continue sharing his adventures online.


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