“Purrfectly Unique: Meet the Feline with a Captain Jack Sparrow-Inspired Moustache and Goatee”

Tom Gudgeon, a resident of Dalston in London, was pleasantly surprised to find out that his newly adopted cat was the last one left in the litter. Despite being the last one standing, Nigel caught Tom’s eye with his unique and adorable markings. With his very own Instagram handle, @monsieur_nigel_the_cat, Nigel has been compared to the iconic character Captain Jack Sparrow from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, all thanks to his striking moustache and goatee. This five-month-old kitten is a tuxedo breed with black and white fur and, underneath his nose, a “walrus” style moustache that completes his charming appearance.

Tom Gudgeon, 30, couldn't believe his luck when he picked Nigel (pictured) up last October

Tom Gudgeon, a 30-year-old man, was overjoyed when he had the opportunity to meet Nigel (as shown in the picture) in October last year.

The cat owner was shocked to discover his new furry friend (pictured) was the last of the litter despite having an epic moustache and goatee

The owner of a cute cat was taken aback when he found out that his newly adopted feline companion, who sported an impressive moustache and goatee, was the sole survivor of its litter.

Five-month-old Nigel has been compared to Captain Jack Sparrow from film Pirates of the Caribbean due to his adorable markings.

Nigel, a five-month-old kitten, has stunning markings that have been likened to Captain Jack Sparrow from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Tom, a delivery driver, expressed his excitement about having a feline companion and mentioned that Nigel was the perfect fit for him. Despite being surprised that Nigel was the only kitten left, Tom is grateful to have found such an adorable and unique pet.

He added that he originally believed the kitten’s distinctive markings would make him a popular choice among pet owners. Additionally, the kitten’s prominent moustache has attracted a lot of positive attention, which the kitten seems to enjoy.

Tom said he thought a kitten with his unique markings would be snapped up straight away. Pictured, with Nigel

According to Tom, a kitten with Nigel’s distinct markings would likely be adopted quickly. Nigel appears in the photo with Tom.

The tuxedo kitten (pictured) appears to have a 'walrus' style moustache underneath his nose and a goatee

The adorable kitten in the photo showcases a distinctive ‘walrus’ style moustache right below its nose, along with a goatee that adds to its unique charm.

The proud cat owner explained how everyone is 'amazed' by Nigel's moustache and goatee (pictured)

The cat owner, Tom, proudly shared how his feline companion, Nigel, turns heads everywhere they go. Nigel’s unique features, a moustache and goatee, never fail to amaze people who often stop to compliment him when Tom takes him out on walks in a cat bag. According to Tom, everyone loves Nigel’s attention-seeking behavior, and some even compare him to famous personalities like Charlie Chaplin or Captain Jack Sparrow. In other news, a cat in China named “Panda” has gone viral due to its peculiar markings that make it appear as if it is always upset, with furrowed eyebrows and a moustache-shaped stripe under its nose. Videos of Panda have attracted millions of amused web users.

The cat owner told how Nigel's (pictured) moustache has gained him a lot of attention which he loves

The feline’s owner shared how Nigel’s charming moustache has earned him plenty of admiration, something he thoroughly enjoys.

Tom branded five-month-old Nigel an 'attention seeker'

Tom added Nigel 'adores the extra fuss'

Tom labeled Nigel, a cute five-month-old baby (as seen in the pictures provided), as someone who seeks attention and enjoys being given extra affection.

Nigel (pictured) is often compared to Charlie Chaplin or Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean

Nigel, as seen in the picture, is frequently likened to the famous characters of Charlie Chaplin or Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Delivery driver Tom said he's 'always wanted a feline friend' - adding that Nigel is 'perfect.' Pictured, together

Tom, a delivery driver, expressed his longing for a feline companion and finally found the perfect one in Nigel. The two were seen enjoying each other’s company in a heartwarming display of friendship.

Tom went on to say how he takes Nigel on walks in a cat bag (pictured) - and people often stop to compliment him

According to Tom, he takes Nigel out for walks in a cat bag that he showed in the picture, and he frequently receives compliments from passersby.

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