Rescue Pit Bull Finds Way To His Long-Lost Brother, They Are Now Inseparable

Rescue Pit Bull Finds Way To His Long-Lost Brother, They Are Now Inseparable

Some stories simply make you believe that miracles are possible!

When Keiko, the rescue Pittie, first got adopted into a loving family, he left his littermates for good. All puppies from his litter were being sold as fighting dogs, and Keiko’s new mom, Tawny, just couldn’t stand the idea of letting that happen.

Since she and her husband already had two dogs, she was allowed by law to adopt only one more dog, and that dog turned out to be Keiko! But then, not more than five months later, something amazing happened!

From Fighting Dogs To Forever Homes

pitbull sitting in a car
Source: @keiko.and.niko

At the time, Tawny and her family wanted to adopt at least one more dog out of Keiko’s litter, but their town in California only allowed three dogs per household.

“I so badly wanted to adopt Keiko and his brother Niko. But we did what we could and took Keiko home,” Tawny told The Dodo.

Eventually, all Keiko’s siblings got adopted into new homes.

Keiko first entered his new home as a sick, emaciated puppy. He needed someone to help him thrive, and that someone was Tawny! She did everything to help this adorable black and white Pittie grow into a healthy dog. And, in just months – Keiko transformed into one!

pitbull in a corner covered with a blanket
Source: @keiko.and.niko

He blossomed around his new family, and soon enough – he became everyone’s sweetheart! Keiko soon adapted to life in a house, and he absolutely loved every single thing about his new family.

Five months later, Tawny’s oldest dog passed away. The family was so heartbroken, and so were the dogs. Then, only a few days later, she randomly scrolled through her phone, and saw a familiar face. It was Niko, Keiko’s brother from the litter!

The next morning, Tawny learned that the family who adopted Niko in the first place didn’t treat him well. And, they eventually returned him.

Tawny wasted no time and immediately rushed into action. She and her husband jumped into a car and, without hesitation, went to get Niko!

two dogs wearing bandannas
Source: @keiko.and.niko

When they first saw him, Niko was insanely cute, but at the same time  insanely timid. He didn’t know how to behave in a home, and he definitely didn’t have any socialization skills. If someone approached him – he would immediately flinch.

But then – Keiko stepped up!

As soon as they brought Niko to their California home – the two long-lost siblings lit up!

“He didn’t know any commands. But the one thing he did know was his brother, Keiko. The moment we brought Niko into the house, both of them lit up,” says Tawny.

They were so happy to finally be together again. After months of being separated, Keiko and Niko remembered each other  and they just couldn’t hide their happiness!

The Pawfect Duo

Keiko helped Niko open up a lot. With his brother around, Niko slowly came out of his shell, and soon learned how to be a family dog. Despite his timid nature, he was a totally different dog around Keiko.

The two love taking walks together, playing together, taking cozy naps together, and they practically do every single thing together!

“As long as Keiko’s with him, he has no problem going on walks and he loves running on the beach,” says their mom.

two dogs lying on couch
Source: @keiko.and.niko

Niko rebuilt his confidence, thanks to Keiko, and blossomed into the sweetest lovebug. He still holds on to some parts of his past, but when Keiko’s around, all of his fears fade away.

“Having Keiko for every step of the way really got him through everything.”

In a way, Keiko loves his big brother role, too! He enjoys being there for Niko so much, challenging him to be a more confident dog.

two pitbulls and a cat
Source: @keiko.and.niko

Recently, this pawdorable duo got the greatest little surprise  a cat named Wasabi! Even though Tawny was a little suspicious about how things would unfold – both Niko and Keiko’s reaction to having a feline sister was amazing!

They accepted Wasabi in a heartbeat, and welcomed her into their little pack! Now, the three of them take on amazing adventures every day, and have the time of their lives!

It is safe to say that today, Keiko, Niko, and Wasabi don’t know life without each other!

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