Rescued Puppies Comfort Each Other With The Cutest Hug

Rescued Puppies Comfort Each Other With The Cutest Hug

Getting used to shelter life isn’t easy, especially if you’re a small pup coming from the street and you’ve never felt the kind touch of a human!

When Peaches and Layla, together with their 7-year-old mom, Lady, first entered their shelter home, they were terrified of the new environment. The puppies were highly insecure when their mom wasn’t around, as they hadn’t been used to being apart from her.

The heartbreaking picture of Layla and Peaches comforting each other with a hug after one routine vet checkup went viral in no time, melting the hearts of thousands of people all over the world!

Lady, Layla, And Peaches Saved From A Filthy Pen

puppies in a cage in a filthy pen
Source: The Epoch Times

Last year, the Animal Charity of Ohio, from Youngstown, Ohio, was contacted by the Youngstown Police Department about canines in an abandoned, filthy pen.

Jane MacMurchy, the director of this organization, arrived at the address, finding a mom dog and her two puppies living in inhumane conditions, all covered in dirt.

The dogs were extremely scared, clinging to each other and refusing to socialize at first.

two puppies in a cage
Source: The Epoch Times

The ACO team successfully transferred them to their facility for further care, hoping to provide them with highly-needed socialization!

“All 3 are very frightened from their complete isolation, the puppies cling to each other for comfort. They will now get the medical care and socialization they so desperately need. Welcome to Animal Charity, Lady, Peaches, and Layla,” wrote the ACO team on their Facebook.

The Puppies Were Too Scared To Be Without Their Mom

Given that all three have lived in terrible conditions, in garbage and debris, and without being able to experience the outside world, the canines needed a slow adaptation into their new circumstances.

Jane and the rest of the team made sure they have a long-needed bath, as well as the first vet checkup! While Lady, the mom, seemed a little bit more comfortable around new people, her puppies, Layla and Peaches, were absolutely terrified.

During the vaccinations and vet checkup, Lady was admitted first, leaving her puppies in the intake area. They absolutely lacked confidence and didn’t know what to do without their mom, so Layla and Peaches latched on to each other until she finally arrived.

That was a heartbreaking scene for Jane and the rest of her colleagues, just seeing two insecure puppies holding on to each other and feeling all alone in this world.

As all three were found relatively healthy, the ACO focused more on building their confidence and socialization skills.

The puppies and their mom went through different training sessions together, and separately, slowly starting to regain their long-lost confidence around hoomans.

All Three Found Their Furever Homes

Even though it seemed like eternity at the beginning, Layla and Peaches started feeling comfortable after only a week of intense training. The puppies were so much more relaxed and friendly around people, and they were now eager to play, too!

Their mom was already there, known as “wiggle-butt” little love, and she was just happy to receive all the attention from her new buddies!

Eventually, all three have found their furever home, thanks to Lake Humane Society, from Mentor, Ohio – the transfer partner of Animal Charity of Ohio.

 dog playing in water at sunny day
Source: The Epoch

The new family changed Peaches’ name to Sasha, and she loves playing in a pool in her new home!

As for Lady and Layla – they both enjoy the company of their new hoomans, and they couldn’t be happier! Lady enjoys resting on her new bed, while Layla spends her days with her new doggo buddy, Linus!

dog sleeping on the couch
Source: The Epoch Times

Once an insecure and terrified family of three, they’re now affectionate family pets who found refuge in three different families. We wish them all the best in life!

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