“Samson: The Oversized Feline Ruling New York with His 28lb Weight and 4ft Length!”

Introducing Samson, the colossal cat from New York who weighs a whopping 28 pounds and measures a staggering four feet long. This giant feline is so large that he even has his own special carriage to travel around in, and enjoys playing fetch like a canine during his downtime. Samson, who is a Maine Coon breed and only four years old, has become something of a celebrity thanks to his impressive size, and has amassed an Instagram following of over 104,000 fans.

Jonathan Zurbel, pictured with Samson, said he made his cat famous on Instagram now that he as some 104,000 followers

According to Jonathan Zurbel, his cat Samson has become quite the sensation on Instagram, with a whopping 104,000 followers now following his adventures online.

The 42-year-old DJ from New York said Samson will eat six tins of cat food a day and costs $120 to groom every month 

According to a DJ hailing from New York, aged 42, his feline companion, Samson, devours six cans of cat food daily and requires a monthly grooming expense of $120.

Zurbel said his monster-sized cat has made him irresistible to women who want to come over to his apartment to see Samson

According to DJ Jonathan Zurbel, his cat named Samson is of monstrous size and has made him popular among women who visit his house just to see the feline. Zurbel explained that he inherited Samson from his brother and turned him into an internet celebrity on Instagram. He watched as the cat’s weight kept increasing until it became the largest cat in the registry according to his vet. The cat consumes six cans of food daily and Zurbel spends $120 on grooming every few months to ensure that Samson looks his best. Despite his size, Samson is a gentle and sweet cat that gets along well with dogs and enjoys watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 on Zurbel’s iPad. The feline has not only gained popularity but has also improved Zurbel’s love life. Many women are drawn to Samson, making Zurbel a playboy and attracting admirers and dates for him.

Zurbel enjoys taking his furry friend Samson for a stroll in his exclusive pet stroller, which never fails to draw the attention and admiration of those who happen to cross their path.

Zurbel believes other people should consider rescuing a cat as they make excellent companions 

Zurbel thinks rescuing a cat is a fantastic idea for anyone looking for a great companion. Whenever people see Samson, Zurbel’s cat, they are amazed and often ask if he is really a cat. Even when Zurbel takes him for a walk in his stroller, people mistake him for a child. However, owning a big cat like Samson comes with significant responsibilities. For example, he needs a bigger litter box, and Zurbel requires dog carriers and leashes since ordinary cat carriers cannot contain Samson. Despite this, Zurbel and Samson plan to release a mix tape where Samson will help ‘mix’ the music. Zurbel hopes that Samson’s popularity will encourage more people to adopt rescue cats. For Zurbel, Samson is priceless: he loves him like his son and has bonded with him fully. He considers him a part of his family and would never think of selling him. As Samson is the most massive cat in New York, Zurbel eagerly awaits anyone who would challenge his title. However, he knows it will be quite challenging as Samson is a big boy.

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