Siblings’ Canine Journey: Rescued from Euthanasia, Now Confronting a Harsh Twist of Fate

Two dog sisters who raised 13 puppies together while living on the streets are facing an uncertain future after failing to be adopted.

Staff at the Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation (SNARR) Northeast in Brewster, New York, took to Facebook to appeal for help in finding a new home for Ella and Emma.

“We’re on the brink of despair for Ella and Emma, two sister dogs whose lives have been filled with nothing but hardship and pain,” the appeal read.

Lauren F from SNARR Northeast told Newsweek: “They were found as strays wandering the busy, relentless streets of Houston with their combined 13 puppies. The shelter staff couldn’t even tell the litters apart. All the puppies were nursed by both moms and both of them cared for them.”

The canine siblings ended up in an overcrowded city shelter, where they were ultimately saved from near-certain death by SNARR Northeast. “They were 30 minutes away from being walked back to bay dock, where they euthanize at this kill shelter,” Lauren F. said.

Emma and Ella the rescue dog sisters.

Little is known about their life before the shelter, though Ella, in particular, has endured a torrid time. She has already lost one limb due to a gruesome injury and was later discovered to be struggling with an undiagnosed megaesophagus. This is a disorder affecting the esophagus, which made it difficult for her to eat food.

Yet, through their time on the streets, both Emma and Ella worked hard to provide for the puppies that relied on them to survive. “They selflessly raised their pups while going hungry themselves, and now they’re facing a cruel twist of fate,” SNARR said.

Because while each of their young puppies has now been adopted into new and loving homes, Ella and Emma have been left behind, waiting and hoping that someone will take a chance on them.

Lauren F. added: “They haven’t been adopted yet because, unfortunately, not everyone is looking for two adult dogs, especially one with medical needs.”

Ella and Emma’s plight is a painfully familiar one. While young puppies tend to be snapped up by shelter visitors, it’s a different story for adult dogs.

Ella, Emma and their 13 puppies.

It is a situation that a 2015 study conducted by Priceonomics previously highlighted.
Based on data compiled from the website Petfinder, the researchers found that, while 95 percent of puppies listed for adoption ended up finding new homes, just 68 percent of senior dogs had the same success.

Emma and Ella come as a pair but, without finding a home, they would have to remain at the SNARR shelter indefinitely. Lauren F. said, though, that they have all the qualities needed to make great pets and just need to find the right kind of owner.

“Ella and Emma are sweet girls who would do best in a home with a patient adopter,” she added. “It takes them time to trust. Once they do, belly rubs and cuddles are their favorite things. They would love to be your only dogs. They thrive on all the love you can give.”

After spending so much of their lives without the love and affection afforded to so many dogs, Ella and Emma deserve a chance at a peaceful life. They just need someone to give it to them.

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