Steph Curry may not play in Tuesday’s Timberwolves game

The Golden State Warriors have needed someone besides Steph Curry to start scoring all season. They may need to find that person by Tuesday night if Curry’s knee doesn’t cooperate.

The Warriors may face their rematch with the Minnesota Timberwolves without their top and arguably only scorer. Curry is leading the NBA in total points this year, and he’s fifth in the league with 30.7 points per game. Not only is no one on the Warriors averaging 20 points a game, none of them besides Curry has scored 20 points in a single game, either.

According to Anthony Slater, the soreness comes from Curry hitting the deck on a drive to the basket in the second half Sunday night.

The Warriors need someone to score, and specifically they need someone to score from deep. Loking at you, Chris Paul and Andrew Wiggins!

Chef Curry is shooting 44.6 % from three-point range this year on 12.6 attempts per game, but his team is 20th in the league with 34.9% accuracy from deep. Perhaps the absence of Curry will force the rest of the erratic-shooting Warriors into getting their acts together, rallying to avenge his bruised patella. Perhaps they’ll shoot even worse with Curry gone, learning a valuable lesson about spacing. Or perhaps Klay Thompson will jump in the ocean Tuesday morning and return with another double-digit three-pointer performance.

Or perhaps Curry will become the Willis Reed of the In-Season Tournament, heroically playing on an injured leg to keep the Warriors on top of West Group C. Because everyone, players and fans alike, cares deeply about the in-season tournament. And there’s no way that playing a temporary, garish-painted eyesore of a court would be dangerous to an athlete’s joints, right, Adam Silver?

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