Steph Curry Surprises Disabled Student with an Incredible Gift


A disabled kid in Peoria, Arizona, made an incredible half-court shot that went viral about a month ago. Steph Curry, his favorite basketball player in the world, is now surprising him.

Steph Curry Surprises Disabled Student with an Incredible Gift

Steph Curry chose to surprise one of his favorite fans, T Ramirez, with tickets to a Warriors vs. Suns game as well as a personal visit from Steph Curry.

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“You and your family are gonna get to go to the game but you’re gonna get to arrive early because there’s somebody that wants to meet you there. Do you know who that is? His name’s Steph Curry,” one staffer said at Ramirez’s school.

Steph Curry Surprises Disabled Student with an Incredible GiftSteph Curry Surprises Disabled Student with an Incredible Gift

Moments like these demonstrate why basketball is so essential. It’s more than just a game of tossing a ball into a hoop; it can motivate people to go further than they ever believed possible. Something to make a person proud of themselves and, hopefully, to earn a living.

Steph Curry Surprises Disabled Student with an Incredible Gift

Steph Curry is one of the most inspirational players in NBA history since no one else compares to him. There is no one as accomplished, as good a shooter, or as small as him. Fans are drawn to Steph Curry for a reason, and he’s the ideal role model for them.

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