Stephen Curry Needs High School Kid’s Help? Warriors Hero’s Heartwarming Side Shows After Specially Abled Student’s Half Court Miracle

Last month, during a school basketball game, Tonatiuh Ramirez a.k.a T, a junior from Liberty High School in Illinois, sank a jaw-dropping half-court shot at the buzzer, which caught the attention of his idol, Stephen Curry. Now, apart from being a maestro shooter, we know Steph as one of the kindest, most selfless stars in the NBA.

Well, the Warriors stop at Phoenix on Tuesday to play the Suns and we have a special visitor for Steph, who will be traveling all the to the Footprint Center Arena to meet him, and it is none other than Ramirez. Steph came across the video and was so impressed that he had to meet this young hero, inviting him to the game on Tuesday.

Stephen Curry could need some help with his shots from T

Turns out that T is disabled, which makes the feat even more incredible. When he was told about the wonderful news in front of his classmates, T could hardly contain himself and the heartfelt exchange was caught on camera. “I think Steph wants to know if you can help him out with his jump shot because you’re a pretty good shooter,” a school employee tells T.

It is typical of Steph to go beyond his ways to extend his kindness however way he can and this is just one of the many heartwarming things he has done. In the touching video that has now gone viral, a school staff is seen breaking the news to T, “You and your family are gonna get to go to the game but you’re gonna get to arrive early because there’s somebody that wants to meet you there. Do you know who that is? His name’s Steph Curry.” Good on Curry for making a young boy’s dream come true!

Where it all went down: the Unified Program
T’s beautiful shot went down in the early days of November when the students from Liberty High School participated in their first-ever intramural basketball game as part of their Unified Programme. Students with disabilities could now participate in classes and activities that they might not have had the chance to in the past, thanks to the program that allowed them to engage with general education students. “I always believe in myself. Always,” T said in an interview after the video of him making the shot went viral.

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