“The Indomitable Spirit of a Visually Impaired Canine Prevails Against Challenges and Neglect in a World Shrouded in Darkness and Apathy.”


Say hello to Aadam! As stated by the Paws Show on YouTube, Aadam was found in an almost lifeless state. He had collapsed on the pavement and his chances of survival were slim. He was in a terrible condition, weak and malnourished, suggesting that he might have been neglected for a while. To make matters worse, one of his bones was broken, causing him immense pain. Fortunately, rescuers quickly took him to the clinic to receive medical attention.

A tiny pup, barely 3 months old, had a rough start in life. His hind legs were badly broken and he was also infested with ticks. The vets quickly got to work, running various tests including ultrasounds of his abdomen and heart, as well as taking x-rays. They are now doing everything they can to mend all four of his little paws.

Aadam underwent a surgical procedure during the nighttime hours. Despite the operation being challenging and prolonged, it was successfully executed as per the intended plan. To ensure a smooth recovery, it is crucial that the wounds are adequately cleaned and tended to. Aadam has also received treatments for parasite-related illnesses and has been administered the necessary vaccinations for his well-being.

Aadam has just started his path to healing and requires personalized care and frequent check-ups from a qualified doctor.

Adam is finally able to walk again! “Let Adam take a stroll like that now,” exclaimed Julia Yup, his caregiver. “I am so thrilled to witness the remarkable progress he has made. It’s simply incredible! I’m grateful that we met him. Now, he’s a happy baby with a bright future ahead of him.” In the video below, you’ll also discover some amazing news about our deserving furry friend. What a fantastic conclusion to this heartening tale! Please SHARE this story with a friend or family member to spread the joy.

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