The puppy’s love for the beach is so great that she expresses her joy through constant jumping

Turns out, an energetic dog has the very same reaction, and not just once, but every single time she visits the sandy place!


The blissful Tofu has always had something special. Something you won’t see at any dog. She has always been that kind of sassy puppy, unable to hide her excitement upon new adventures. However, the way she react every time she goes to her favorite place – the beach – is just pure happiness.


More, the way Tofu lets out her feelings, makes everyone smiling. After all, how to not laugh when you see an ecstatic puppy?! At first, her mom Ashleigh MacPherson was pretty embarrassed by the way her furry companion reacted when seeing the ocean for the first time, but she soon got used to it. Ultimately, what can make you any prouder than seeing your dog so happy.


“She still barks like crazy,” Tofu’s mom, told The Dodo. “The beach seems to be her favorite place to visit. People who we passed on our walk — their faces would light up with joy seeing her happiness.”


Tofu’s furry sibling, or even other dogs on the beach, just cannot keep it up with her, regardless how much they’re trying it. Tofu’s love for the beach is something unique. “My other dog tried to join in, but her jumping skills weren’t as impressive,” the proud mom said. “The other dogs we were walking with seemed unsure of what to make of this crazy, jumping, loud, ginger fox-looking dog.”


To watch a dog as Tofu enjoying something in this speechless way is so satisfying. I only wish to have at least a small part of her happiness!

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