The touching tale of a man and his blind dog reuniting after a week-long separation is told in the book Guided by Love.

Title: “Sage’s Miracle: An Unwavering Community’s Journey of Hope and Reunion”

In a tight-knit neighborhood, Beth Cole and her family experienced an emotional rollercoaster when their beloved dog, Sage, went missing. The search for Sage became a collective effort, with ten neighbors joining their family in a tireless quest that extended late into the night.


As days turned into weeks, hope began to wane. Fears of potential predators in the area loomed, but their determination remained unshaken. They distributed flyers, leveraged social media, and sought the help of their neighbors, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit to find Sage.


Then, a twist of fate changed the course of their story. Dan Estrada, the next-door neighbor, was on a leisurely walk with his dogs near his home when something caught his eye near a creek at the base of a steep slope. At first, he thought it was garbage, but upon closer inspection, he realized it was Sage.


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