Unique and Unstoppable: The Four-Eared Wonder Cat’s Journey to a Forever Home


Georgi Anderson, Frankie’s human, recounts: “He was born in a suburban home to a wild mother.” “He was discovered with a living sister, although it is possible that more have died.”

Frankie and her brother were fostered by the owners of the home for many weeks to socialize and fatten them up before being taken to the shelter for medical care and relocation.

Of course, people first notice his four ears, but he also has a large overbite that gives his face an angular look. He had two eyes when he originally arrived at the animal shelter, but one of them had burst and had to be removed.

Frankie also has problems with his hind legs, as his knees don’t sit properly, causing him to walk with his legs apart as his knees slide in and out.

“Her lower canines were piercing the roof of her mouth due to her overbite. He also needs surgery on his knees to fix the joints, but I’m saving for that because it’s quite expensive,” Georgi explained. .

“He also had dental work done to reduce the height of his lower canines to a few millimeters above the gum line.”

“Removing the eye saved his life as the infection would have progressed to the point where he would have died.”

“I was working at the animal shelter when Frankie arrived. I was invited to foster him for a week while he recovered from his eye removal because I was also a foster carer.”

“It wasn’t so much her distinctive appearance that drew me in, but her charming personality, the way she investigated her surroundings and sought comfort from me. I went to see him before his treatment and was immediately struck by how kind he was.”

“I felt he was unique in a way that I couldn’t fully articulate within hours of having him home in recovery.”

“Your physical condition influences your daily activities. The small front ears have less of an effect on his directional hearing, as they function almost like ear muffs for his normal ears. He has adapted well to having one eye, although his night vision is not as excellent as my other cats. His legs cause him to walk with his legs apart, but they don’t hurt him or limit his ability to play or jump.”

“The most important physical reason is definitely his mouth; He has trouble eating wet food because he can’t get a firm grip on it.” pick up the kibble with the tongue and bring it to the mouth that way instead of putting it in the mouth.”

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