Unsung Heroes: Family Single-Handedly Rescues and Cares for Over 3,000 Dogs Without Funding or Organization

A family in Taiwan has taken their love of dogs to the next level; the Hsu family has dedicated their lives to caring for dogs in need, and are currently caring for 3000 stray pups.

The pups are housed at the Hsu family’s shelter, Mrs.Hsu’s Sanctuary, where they are looked after by the Hsu family, the shelter staff, and a large number of volunteers.

Taiwan, unfortunately, has a huge problem with strays; it’s estimated that roughly half a million dogs and cats are currently living on the streets.

Living on the streets leaves these poor pets vulnerable to countless dangers and they never know where they’ll get their next meal.

The Hsu family were concerned about the large number of stray pups they saw and decided to do something to help them.

They started by taking in a small number of strays and giving them the care they needed.

Soon, the number of strays under their care began to grow and the family realized that they needed more space and resources.

Luckily, another dog-lover stepped up and helped them take things to the next level.


A compassionate benefactor decided to help the family and the strays by donating a huge facility to the family.

This became the wonderful shelter which 3000 pups now call home.

The shelter has its own veterinarian and also has a special room for grooming and a big room for the pups to sleep in.

The shelter also has associates who can provide any dog who needs one with a custom-made wheelchair at a low cost.

Some of the strays suffer from injuries or illnesses as a result of life on the streets. The on-site vet takes care of minor issues, but dogs with serious issues get taken to the local animal hospital.

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