Watch Rescue Pup’s Marvelous Reaction When He Watch Rescue Pup’s Marvelous Reaction When He Sees The World Around Him Clearly For The First TimeSees The World Around Him Clearly For The First Time

Watch Rescue Pup’s Marvelous Reaction When He Sees The World Around Him Clearly For The First Time

There is nothing that pawrents wouldn’t do to make their canines happy. We want to give them the best life possible and shower them with our immeasurable love.

Sadly, many stray pups live without that love and they wish to experience it with their whole heart.

Luca was a beautiful Pomeranian who was dreaming of having unconditional human love while he wandered the streets, trying to survive. For him, street life was even more dangerous because he was almost completely blind. The world around him was just a blur.

Luckily, Animal Care Centers of NYC, the largest animal shelter in New York City, rescued Luca from the streets and took him under their care.

Although he finally had a roof over his head, Luca had a hard time getting used to the new environment. The sweet pup was very anxious.

While he stayed in his kennel and listened to the barking of his shelter companions, he wondered if he would ever find the love he had always dreamed of.

Love At First Sight

Fortunately, one day, Katie Schneller visited the shelter Luca was in. As soon as she saw the adorable dog, she fell head over heels in love with him. She started visiting him every day.

Luca couldn’t see Schneller’s happy face when she was with him, but he felt her tender cuddles and soaked up all the love she gave him. They formed an unbreakable bond. Schneller knew that she had to take Luca home and spoil him and love him like he deserved.

The Immeasurable Love He Dreamed Of

Before Luca left the shelter in New York City, he said goodbye to the shelter staff who took care of him.

He was very excited and happy to go to his new home. Although he couldn’t see his parents, he felt how much they loved him. His parents cuddled him and talked to him in a loving tone of voice. The doggo was overjoyed and he couldn’t stop smiling.

As time went by, Luca’s eyesight deteriorated and he began bumping into things. On one occasion, he even ended up at an emergency clinic.

It was at that moment when his mom realized that Luca would need to undergo cataract surgery.

The surgery was a success. Luca’s family was thrilled when the vet informed them that the doggo would be able to see clearly within seven days.

While Schneller was driving her pup home, she looked at his face. Even though his eyes were closed and he was still swollen, he looked happy. Once they arrived home, Luca spent most of his day resting and sleeping.

Luca Is In Awe Of The World

After a couple of days, Luca was ready to go for a walk with his mom and finally see the beauty of the world around him.

Instead of running around like he always used to do, Luca only took a couple of steps. He stared around, marveling at the breathtaking nature that surrounded him.

“He would sit in the middle of the road and look up at the trees, then walk over to the edge of the road and stare at the river with his mouth open,” Schneller told The Dodo.

His eyes were filled with awe and he kept smiling. He tried to savor each moment with the most important person in his life – his loving mom.

Luca sometimes posts updates about his everyday activities on his Instagram account. When he’s not enjoying hiking or snuggling with his family, he sits on the couch and looks through the window. The delightful pup is still in awe of the world that surrounds him.

The wonderful pup lives his best life. He adores his parents just as much as they adore him.

“He feels like my soulmate. He is the cuddliest, smartest, happiest pup I’ve ever met. He loves everyone and has brought so many wonderful people into my world. I love him in ways I have trouble putting into words … every day it’s more than the last,” Schneller said.

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